5 Strategies for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

5 Strategies for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

Iconic leaders use and leverage their personal brand to push their companies.   Creating a company cadence that is so aligned with the leader that it pushes the company to the next level.  Steve Jobs will forever be the face of Apple, Bill Gates for Microsoft and Herb Kelleher for Southwest Airlines.  These companies became Iconic because of the personal branding of their founding leaders.

Personal BrandingThese days it isn’t as difficult or as expensive to create a personal brand as Google and Facebook have paved the way and leveled the playing field.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to create your own following and Blogging and LinkedIn allow you to showcase your expertise.  It is important to have a marketing strategy however so that you can make the most of your 15 minutes.  You don’t have to be the CEO of your own company to create a powerful personal brand.  You just need to create a strategic marketing plan, blog and find your influencers online to help you expand.

Here are 5 ways to become your own celebrity brand online

  1. Use social media to create a memorable online identity. Use the social media platforms you feel most comfortable with and establish a routine.  There is nothing worse than creating an audience and then not engaging with them.
  2. Become an expert. Write about what you know using blogs and LinkedIn.  Blogging and social media will get you up in the search rankings.
  3. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality. If you are an avid football fan, dog lover or marathon runner don’t be afraid to show that.  People are visual and enjoy seeing you in your element as it makes you more human.
  4. Identify your spheres of Influence and create mutually beneficial relationships such as guest blogging or sharing social media post.
  5. Bridge the online community with the local community. High profile and charity events are a great way to be seen via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Being seen giving back to the community is an effective and powerful brand building strategy.  It also positions you in a positive light.

These strategies are very effective as long as you remain consistent and you understand it won’t happen overnight.

Lead From The Front…

Lead From The Front…

Leadership has certainly evolved over the years and it has been both good and bad at times. Leaders who lead from the front create some of the most successful companies. Those who have visionary leaders who evoke such a strong heart-felt company cadence that it captivated both the employees as well as the customer base.

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