Effectively Leading Millennials in Today’s Workplace

Effectively Leading Millennials in Today’s Workplace

millennials-1As leaders we are faced with all kinds of new challenges in our workplace.  The traditional workforce has changed and companies are forced to deal with multi-generational employees. As the founder of SmartFem.com, an online magazine for women, I have been working with and leading millennials for the past five years.

Many of my colleagues and clients have expressed their frustrations and the challenges of working with this new generation. The millennials are often perceived by employers as “entitled” and “job hoppers” as a result of often leaving their job before the second year. This is a difficult transition for employers as training costs are expensive and time consuming. The Gen X employees typically stayed with a job for around five years and the baby boomers averaged about seven so attrition was manageable.

Despite their reputation, I would caution employers not to stereotype or to avoid hiring millennials as they could be missing out on some pretty amazing talent. Millennials are capable and want to make an impact. I have personally found this generation to be purpose driven and to seek life balance more than the almighty dollar. That can be a good thing. Understanding your employees’ motivations and helping them meet their goals will encourage them to help you meet yours. As the saying goes, people don’t quit their companies, they quit their bosses.

Millennials are creative, innovative, and the most educated generation this country has ever seen. That they can add value to your workforce. Millennials are our future leaders and we need to groom them to take the reins.

Remember that millennials have now become the largest consumer base and your business will need to reach that target demographic.

Tips for leading millennials:

  • Evaluate your culture: Does your current corporate culture appeal to millennials? Do your current policies foster an environment that this generation will gravitate to? Do you offer flexible hours, mentorships, transparency, purpose, and results based awards? If you do the millennials will flourish in your environment.
  • Consistent Communication: Increase your feedback consistency and communicate expectations clearly. Facilitate individual and group mentoring education. Like everyone else millennials want to feel valued.
  • Invest in your employees: Sponsor them for training and development programs. Care about your employees. A great leader inspires from the front not by pushing from behind!

By creating a culture that is appealing to this generation, you will minimize your frustration, leading millennials more effectively. In return you will foster progress and innovation for your business by harnessing an amazing resource.

Lead From The Front…

Lead From The Front…

Leadership has certainly evolved over the years and it has been both good and bad at times. Leaders who lead from the front create some of the most successful companies. Those who have visionary leaders who evoke such a strong heart-felt company cadence that it captivated both the employees as well as the customer base.

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