Change... Innovate...Or Die...

The Ever Changing Marketing Space

Change…Innovate…Or Die…

The Ever Changing Marketing Space

It was only a decade ago when people went to a handful of trusted websites when change innovationlooking for products or services.  Very few small companies had websites and people relied on the yellow pages.  Today however everything is online from customer reviews to “how to”YouTube videos.  Today’s consumer has access to just about anyone and anything.

For decades companies relied on sales professionals to come out and speak and demo products to customers in regards to purchases.  Today’s savvy consumer does the research upfront and often never needs to speak or see anyone to make a purchase.  As a matter of fact the App industry is revolutionizing the way we do business.  You can now buy and sell your home with an App on your phone with Open Door and never deal with a real estate agent.

Cold calls, cold emails, direct mail and trade shows now have much less impact than in years past.  Marketing trends are constantly changing and in order to be effective you need to prepare and anticipate the changing environment.  Here are a few key strategies to keep in mind so that our marketing efforts stay effect and enlign with consumer behavioral changes.

  • Always provide value…Consumer interest spans are shorter and people are busier than ever but creating value will never go away.
  • Content is king… Education and listening to your customers needs are still paramount.  The only thing that has really changed is how you deliver it to them.  Put your customers needs above your own and communicate with them in ththeir preferred method of communication.
  • Leverage Social Media… Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to communicate with your customer without becoming obtrusive.
  • Constantly Evaluate and tweak campaigns. Testing ads, blog posts and analyzing traffic are good ways to gage what is effective.  Keep in mind however that Google changes algorithms and new social media platforms and apps are created daily.  Be flexible.
  • Consumer experience—At the end of the day your customer should always come first and your marketing campaigns should be customized to your customers needs.


The way we market may change but the way we treat our customer shouldn’t.  Listening to your customers needs and creating a program that works for them never becomes irrelevant.





Lead From The Front…

Lead From The Front…

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